You can gain local administrator rights on your computer by sending a request to and completing a Local Administrator Access Form via Adobe sign sent by an ENGR-IT representative. Please be sure the ticket includes the name of the machine, and the mac address. How do I find my MAC Address?

A few notes:

- Requesting administrator rights on an ENGR-IT managed system means that you will be accepting responsibility for securing the computer from malware and viruses. There's lots of info about U of A IT security policy here:

The gist is, don't disable security software, keep software up-to-date (including the operating system), and don't install unlicensed software.

- Fixing issues on co-managed computers is a lower priority for us than fixing issues on fully-managed computers. We have lots of users who are 100% dependent on us for fixing even their simplest computer issues, and we need to make sure we're not holding them up.

- There are some things we can't fix on co-managed systems. It's very difficult for us to troubleshoot issues from an unknown state, and sometimes we may just not have the resources to attempt to untangle why, e.g. your Apache-on-Cygwin web server stops working when you load more than two VMs. We rely on users who are self-administering systems to also exercise a certain degree of self-help. We are of course happy to help wherever we can - but we appreciate your patience and understanding when our only offering is to rebuild.