Yes! We can print high-quality large-format posters for ENGR faculty and staff. We use this printer and this (satin gloss) paper.

What we need:

Payment: The College of Engineering Dean pays for 3 posters per faculty member for materials and labor.  Engineering Faculty have a standard allocation of 3 posters per fiscal year at no cost.  We are not able to take payment for a poster.  All posters must be sponsered by College of Engineering faculty.

Time: 1 business day. We're open M-F from 8a-5p. Please also note that we only have one printer, and we queue first-come, first-serve. If you know that lots of people are going to need posters at the same time, you might want to get ahold of us early.

Size: 36" x 48" (Arch E) or 24" x 36"(Arch D)

Format: PowerPoint (PC) or Adobe PDF

Here are some PowerPoint templates you can use for laying out your poster; this includes some high-res UA logos:



Send your poster file to, or create a support ticket here and upload your file.

Some other tips:

Margins: Our printer is able to print to .25" from the edge of the paper, but it can't print closer than that. Please include a .25" margin around the edges of the poster, or we'll need to shrink the poster a little before printing.

Graphics: Zoom into the poster to 100% and check out all of your graphics. Low-res graphics are super evident when they're blown up to the size of a poster. You can get some high-res images from our PowerPoint templates (Landscape -- Portrait), and you can get lots of UA logos here:

Proofing: We aren't able to proofread submissions, so please check spelling, grammar, etc. before submitting your poster. We don't have any profit margins on this service; our prices are the real costs of consumables. In other words, we can't provide free reprints if you notice a mistake after printing! Yikes!