This document will outline the process for setting up recorded Zoom meetings for class sessions through D2L so that the recordings end up in your D2L Panopto class folder.

Step 1:

Go to your D2L class site and click the UA Tools --> Panopto link. This step is necessary to ensure that your class Panopto folder is created before Zoom recordings can copy over.

Step 2:

Go back to D2L and click the UA Tools --> Zoom link.

Step 3:

Click the Schedule a New Meeting button: 

Step 4:

Set up your Zoom meeting with title/topic, recurring days/times, etc. Under meeting settings, make sure to select the "Record the meeting automatically" option and verify "In the cloud" is selected.

Step 5:

This step is not necessary, but recommended. Start your Zoom meeting and verify that it is recording. End the meeting and verify that the Zoom recording copies over to Panopto. This can take a few minutes, so be patient.


After following the steps above, your D2L scheduled Zoom meetings will automatically record when you start them. When the Zoom meeting finishes, the recording will process on Zoom servers before being automatically copied over to your Panopto class folder. This generally takes about 30 minutes for most class sessions, but can be longer due to server load and length of the recorded session.