If you have been delegated access to a shared mailbox account, use the following steps to open the secondary mailbox in your current netid@arizona.edu Outlook session.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Choose the File tab in the ribbon
  3. Click the Account Settings menu, then select the Account Settings... option from the list
  4. Select the Email tab (if it is not already selected)
  5. Make sure your netid@arizona.edu account is highlighted, if there is more than one email account listed
  6. Click the Change... button
  7. Click the More Settings button in the bottom left corner
  8. Select the Advanced tab and click the Add button
  9. Type the shared email address for your account in the box (Example: MySharedEmail@email.arizona.edu)
  10. Click OK, then OK again
  11. Close the window with the X in the top right corner

NOTE: In some rare cases, the email address you enter is rejected and the account is not recognized. If that is the case, please submit a ticket so we can confirm the email account details for you and verify your access is in place.

Microsoft reference document: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/open-and-use-a-shared-mailbox-in-outlook-d94a8e9e-21f1-4240-808b-de9c9c088afd