This guide explains how to use the Grouper tool to manage your lab group user list for access to your storage (and possible ENGR VPN when requested).

Pre-requisite: You must have taken the FERPA training before using this tool:

  1. Go to this website in your web browser:
  2. Once you log in, you want to click the Grouper tab in the top middle of the page. Then you should see something like this where <YourGroup> is your group:
    If you don't see your folder in the list, click the green "My Folders" button to select the "Dept:ENGR:users:research:<YourGroup>" folder. Then you can expand the folder to see the groups inside.
  3. When you expand the "<YourGroup>_Lab_Members" group, you will see the current list of users.
  4. If you want to remove a user, click the trashcan icon next to their name.
  5. When you want to add someone, first, you search for their NetID in the upper right corner search box, then drag and drop their NetID into the group.

It takes approximately 30-90 minutes from the time you add/remove a person from the list before the changes will take effect.